Rules And Regulations

Academic Rules

1. Students must attend the regular classes without fail.

2. 90% of attendance on 260 working days is mandatory to appear for the university examination. [ both theory and practical]

3. Students can avail the remaining 10 % on 260 working days (viz) 26 days leave in an academic year. Any kind of leave including medical leave for more than 26 days in an academic year will not be allowed.

4. Students shall not carry over the unavailed leave of that academic year to be subsequent academic years.

5. If any candidate is lacking in attendance percentage , he / she will be detained from appearing in university examinations

6. Students should attend all the sessionals& practical examination in each subject during an academic year. Consolidated marks will be submitted to the university for appearing in board examination.

7. Students should obtain minimum 50% sessional marks in each subject during an academic year.

8. Student should clear all the subjects of I & II BNYS before entering into III BNYS and also they should complete all the subjects of III & IV th BNYS before entering into internship. If there is any failure, there will be break in the course of study.

9. In case of failed students where there is a break in the course of study, the candidate has to put in again required percentage of attendance and then only the candidate will be permitted to appear for the subsequent examination in the failed subjects.

10. Students should get prior permission for leave, from class coordinators with approval of Principal. In case of any emergency, Parents should intimate their leave to the respected class coordinators.

11. During class hours, Students should maintain their punctuality. If not, discipilinary actions will be taken.

12. Students should maintain silence inside the classrooms.

13. All academic fees should be paid on (or) before specified dates.


  1. Strict & implicit discipline is expected from every student at all times.
  2. Students are expected to behave well & address their teachers and all members of the staff with due respect and politeness.
  3. Students should maintain cordial , friendly and congenial relationship among themselves
  4. Students should wear their own ID card & keep their ID card in safe custody.
  5. If any student, damages or mishandles the college property, or writes objectionable/ vulgar language on the college walls /desks, strong discipilinary action will be taken against him / her besides recovery of the damages as suggested by the management.
  6. Dress code

Student should dress neatly & tidily                                       
Student should wear apron during class hours.
For Girls: Girls should wear only chudidhar with tied hairs during class hours.
For Boys: Boys should attend the classes in formal pant, full sleeves shirt; black or brown formal shoe and well-trimmed hairs with clean and shave.

Students are not allowed to bring any electronic devices like cellphones, cameras, ipads . If any student is found to be using any devices, the same will be confiscated.



    1.Writing, drawing & sticking pictures on the walls are highly prohibited

    2.Ensure that you switch off lights & fans before you leave your room in the hostel.

    3.Ensure that you switch off lights & fans before you leave your room in the hostel

    4.Changing the allotted room  or staying in others room without the permission of the warden is not permissible

    5.Changing the allotted room  or staying in others room without the permission of the warden is not permissible

    6.Without the permission of the warden, students should avoid convening meeting or participating in a meeting or sticking posters on walls.

    7.Students are advised not to have highly valuable ornaments or materials & cash in hands. If lost institution will not be responsible

    8.Don’t bring any electrical materials from home.

    9.If there is a change either I residential address or mobile number, Parents should come in person & give it in written form.


    1.Students shall go home only on permitted holidays. If they are in need of going home on other days, the parents should come in person & take them home.

    2.Students who are going home from hostel , should get gate pass & enter their names in the outgoing register

    3.Students who are going home from hostel, are directed to wear identity card till they leave the college campus.

    4.Students are not supposed to stay in their friend’s home on any occasion.

    5.Students are not permitted to board in the college bus except the permissible days.

    6.Hostel students are not allowed to come by college bus in working days as day scholar

    7.Students should back to hostel before 06: 00 pm


    1.Timing: breakfast : 7:30 am – 9:00 am, Lunch : 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm,  dinner – 07:30 pm – 9 :00 pm

    2.Food stuff & tea should not be brought to the room by the hostel students

    3.Students are requested not to waste food.


    1.Visitors are advised to bring the visitors card at the time of their visit to the hostel

    2.Only the persons, whose photos are pasted in the visitor’s card, are permitted to meet the students in the hostel to take them home. Others are not allowed.

    3.Timing : 06:00am – 06:00 pm,

    4.Visitors are not allowed to go inside the room of the students